Season 21 Weapon Nerfs and Buffs!


Season 21 Weapon Nerfs And Buffs In Apex Legends! Apex Legends News. Apex Leaks.

Season 21 of Apex Legends known as Upheaval will be releasing soon, and the brand new Skirmisher Legend, known as Alter, will be joining The Apex Games.

Alter’s Passive: Gift From The Rift – Alter can remotely interact with a box to claim one item, but it cannot be armor.
Alter’s Tactical: Void Passage – Alter can create a portal passageway through a surface.
Alter’s Ultimate: Void Nexus – Alter can create a group point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.

The Wingman is being removed from the Care Package in Season 21 of Apex Legends, and the Devotion is going into the Care Package! Weapon Nerfs & Buffs in Season 21!

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